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A Dairy Family,
5 Generations Strong

Nestled in the valley on Elk Creek Road in Delhi, New York stands the original farm house and barn of Clark Farms founder, Peter Clark. Built over a century ago, these buildings are still used for farming today, as his legacy continues five generations later. With a history rich in family values, education, environmental preservation, and progressive agricultural practices, Clark Dairy Farms continues to exemplify top quality production and the love of all things dairy.

191O — 2Os

Clark's dairy farm catskills
dairy farm cow history
diary farm cow historic

Clark Family OG Peter Clark, circa 19O7

dairy farm history

These girls are always family.

Great Grandfather Lynn and his brother, Uncle Bob

193O — 4O's

Clark's dairy farm delhi

"Cooning" once brought in extra cash.

Young Grandpa Pete

Tractor Clarks dairy farm

Homemade Tractor made by Great Grandpa Lynn

195O — 6O's

catskills dairy farm history
Clark's Dairy Farm history
Clarks dairy farm delhi

Uncle Funny ( Dave ) &  his brother Peter up to something.

Grandpa Pete and his mom, Mildred

197O — 8O's

Dairy Farm History
Dairy Farms History

Great Grampa Lynn stoking the syrup boiler.

Grandpa Pete

Dairy Farm History

198O — 9O's

Clark Farms Creamery

Winter, Spring, Summer. Fall.

Never not working.

1993 — a brand new parlor!

We even tried bee keeping, and may return to it soon.

Clark Farms Creamery

Brother, Darin Clark 

Sister Taylor and Cousin Wade

Kyle Clark , a born Dairy Man.


Clark Farms Creamery

Three generations — Pete, Tom and Kyle 

Kyle Clark Dairy Milk Creamery

In 2O18, Kyle Clark returns home with a degree in AG Sciences and plans to resurrect the old creamery that once stood on his family's farm. After years of research, learning and hard work, Clark Farms Creamery opens as a fully functioning 21st century dairy lab in the winter of 2O2O with aim of providing the freshest dairy products possible to the Catskills and beyond.

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