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Happy, Healthy Cows
Make Fresh, Delicious Milk

Clark Dairy Farm is a tried and true, hard working, family farm. Our dairy products are made only from the milk of our herd. We never outsource. Our girls supply us with all we need. We are proud of them and the milk they yield. And just like your family, we value minimally processed foods. We know that healthy, happy cows make the freshest tasting milk. Please enjoy all things dairy as much as we do!

"Clark's Milk.  A meal in a glass!!"


whole milk

milk and cookies

WHOLE MILK is made daily with low temperature  pasteurization to preserve the most natural flavors. Bottled fresh in 5Ooz., 32oz., 16oz. and Gallons

reduced fat milk

Cat kitten saucer of milk

REDUCED FAT MILK Enjoy a lower fat milk without sacrificing one ounce of flavor. 
Bottled twice a week in 5Ooz., 16oz., and Gallons

skim milk

cereal bowl milk

SKIM MILK is made on demand for speciality markets.
Bottled in 5Ooz. and Gallons

"If you have an addictive personality,
I don't recommend!"


chocolate milk

Clark's milk chocolate

CHOCOLATE MILK is made multiple times a week with a recipe that was taste-tested until we said "YUM"
Bottled in 5Ooz. , 32oz. , 16oz. and Gallons

"Working above its' pay grade to deliver the choco-coffee goodness directly to your tastebuds and brains stem with a pleasant jolt of caffeine.


cold brew 


COLD BREW MILK is packed with enough caffeine to jumpstart your day.
Bottled in 16oz bottles.

"Literally, solid gold."




SALTED & UNSALTED BUTTER Hand-packed once a month in 1 pound blocks for bakers, restaurant and homes across the Catskills.

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